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Monday, May 25, 2015

The "Fallen" have Names

On the this day I am remembering Holmes, Goodrich, Krause, Maupin, Lemon, DeLeon, Dimaranan, Nolan, Harlan, and Morgan - all men of the 172nd Corps Support Group who were killed by our enemy while serving their country.  IEDs, a mortar round, small arms fire, and the vicious act of an executioner who killed a POW, Matt Maupin, cut short the lives of these men who chose to serve their country.  I was fortunate to have a front row seat to witness their devotion to country.  Every day they did their duty.  It was a matter of odds as to who would be the victim of an IED, a mortar round or an ambush.  They did their duty each day until the enemy took their lives. 

I am grateful that we have a time to remember these men and many other men and women whose service to our country cost them their lives.  Along with being grateful, I am enormously sad that the cost of war -- be the war popular or unpopular -- was the lives of Jeremiah, Gregory, Elmer, Matt, James, Jeremy, Lauro, Allen, Richard, and Jerome.  The wartime commander of the 172nd, Major General Gary Bunch (Retired), is again carrying the names of these men in the "Carry the Load" march this Memorial Day.  You can contribute to General Bunch's fundraising effort here.   Keep leading, Cherokee Six.  I will follow. 

God bless the families of our fallen service members with peace, and may we remember Jeremiah, Gregory, Elmer, Matt, James, Jeremy, Lauro, Allen, Richard, and Jerome with gratitude.  The "fallen" have names.  Their fathers, mothers, spouses, children, and siblings know them by name.  We should remember them by name.  God bless the memory of Jeremiah, Gregory, Elmer, Matt, James, Jeremy, Lauro, Allen, Richard, and Jerome. 

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