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Monday, October 31, 2016

Leopards and the FBI: Candidates' Spots Make Them Unfit for Office

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Political leopards do not change their spots.  Sure, they make campaign promises that they will not keep.  College won't be free and there will be no "beautiful wall."  While you can't take their promises to the bank, you can count on this: President Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump will be the exact same person who she or he is as a candidate. 

In July, "Leopard Clinton" praised FBI Director Comey for clearing her of wrongdoing.  "Leopard Trump" said the Director was part of the rigged system.  Now Clinton is giving the Director guidance, saying it is imperative that he immediately release all details of the newly discovered evidence.  Meanwhile, Trump is praising the Director's courage for breaking away from the rigged system.  Their statements were made in furtherance of naked political ambition with disregard for the long-term good of our country.  Liberty demands that the FBI be apolitical and independent.  The Director is appointed to a 10 year term unlike Cabinet Secretaries.  This is done, in part, to ensure the independence of the FBI from the political whims of a President.

While much could be said about Director Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation, none of it should be said by these political leopards.  The FBI must not only be independent, it must be publicly accepted as independent for the health of our democratic republic.  An FBI that is unwilling to investigate the corruption of a sitting administration or takes orders from a President to investigate political enemies hurls us toward utter political corruption and dictatorship.  The statements by Clinton and Trump about the FBI's investigation is further evidence that neither one is fit to be President.  When it comes to the importance of the independence of the FBI, one of these leopards doesn't care to know and the other leopard knows but simply doesn't care.  And this is certain, the spots of that leopard won't change when she or he becomes President.  Let's hope America is not their gazelle.  

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